In addition to our volunteers who organise and support the running of our units we have a team who are available to provide support for our leaders.

Sharon Ward

Division Commissioner

I’ve been guiding for over 17 years: I run a brownie and a guide unit. I love being involved in Girlguiding and watching the girls develop and grow whilst creating great memories and learning life time skills.

I am enjoying the role and seeing our division grow is so rewarding. It is a great way to meet new people and learn more about Girlguiding.

Marie Hames

Assistant Division Commissioner

I’ve been guiding for over 17 years and have had several roles within the Division. I love being involved with Girlguiding and I love to see the girls in my rainbow and brownie units gain confidence from the different things we do.  From just simple tasks to our big adventures, it doesn’t matter how big or small it’s the achievement for the individuals and the smiles it brings to the girls faces. For me personally it’s given me confidence and I challenge myself to do some things that I never thought I would do.

Lisa Hames


As Division Treasurer for Tamworth, I thrive to keep on track and look after our pennies, keeping all accounts up to date. I also enjoy time with both my rainbow and brownie units.  We are always looking for our next adventure, giving the girls opportunities and supporting the development of lifelong skills while challenging myself and having lots of fun as a volunteer of over 14 years.

Ruth Jenkins

Trefoil Guild Chair

My name is Ruth and I have been part of Tamworth Trefoil Guild since it reformed in 2012. I love being part of this group that to me is like an older version of rainbows, brownies and guides but an adult only group of like-minded people that do a variety of different things such as shows, meals out, sleepovers in different places, indoor & outdoor activities, fundraising, skills & challenges and having the opportunity to achieve Bronze, Silver & Gold Voyage Award as well as the new STARS Challenge Award.

I am also very committed to running active brownie and rainbow units. It is very rewarding seeing the girls make new friends and thriving. I get a lot of pleasure seeing them having so much fun on sleepovers, pack holidays, camping trips (whatever the weather). I enjoy seeing them learning new life skills growing in confidence and ability, helping me & others, participating in activities, having fun on trips and earning badges whenever they can.

I am very grateful to Girlguiding for giving me the opportunities that I have had on a personal level, such as being selected to represent Midlands Region on a trip to one of the World Centres at Sangam, India. That was an experience and challenge that I will always remember and be very grateful for, something I’d never have dreamt I’d have done on my own especially as I’d never really been abroad far.

Alison Cox

Division Adviser

My Girluiding name is Archie. I’m enjoying being the division adviser for such a lively and active division! I also run a brownie unit and I’m part of the Trefoil Guild. Girlguiding gives me many opportunities to meet people and take on challenges with the help and support of the friends I’ve made. Watching girls discover and grow is a big part of the fun as well as being able to share activities that I enjoy such as outdoor walks, camping, craft and singing.

Alice Hopton

Young Leader Adviser

I’m Alice and I’m the young leader adviser in Tamworth, helping the young leaders in the division and supporting them in their roles.

As a guide and ranger leader, I love giving the girls so many different opportunities, seeing them grow into confident individuals and having fun with their friends.

Girlguiding has given me so many opportunities, from travelling the world and meeting so many different people to stargazing in the middle of a field at 1am and gorge walking in the middle of the Welsh mountains plunging into freezing cold waters.

Lucy Hetherington

District Commissioner, Watling

I’m delighted to be the district commissioner for Watling Tamworth Girlguiding. I was (many moons ago) a brownie, a guide and a young leader. I can honestly say some of my best childhood memories are from Girlguiding trips, camps, adventures and activities. After introducing my own daughter to Girlguiding, I remembered how rewarding and exciting it is. The opportunities it opens up, not only for girls but for adult volunteers too,are endless. It’s also enabled me to make some great friends and has given me the opportunity to challenge myself. I’m now able to help all our girls have the same amazing experience that I had when I was their age. As a leader and a commissioner I get to carry on the amazing work that all the Tamworth Girlguiding volunteers have done over the years, as well as being part of all the adventures we have to come.

Frances Walker

Brownie Adviser

As a child I was both a brownie and a guide. I loved it so, when I had my own girls, I gave them the same opportunity to experience the friendship and fun that comes with Girlguiding. I also took the opportunity to become a unit helper, then an assistant leader in their group and now a leader in a new unit. It feels good to be part of a team developing activities and events and then to see just how much the girls get from it.  Brownies are energetic and excitable!

Girlguiding has given me some great friends and the opportunity to challenge myself to move outside my comfort zone which has in turn done wonders for my self confidence.

Katie Smith

District Commissioner, Vincent

I’ve been in Girlguiding for almost 20 years and run a brownie unit. It’s great fun and we have many adventures. Volunteering and becoming Vincent District commissioner has given me new personal challenges.

Clare Cuff

District Commissioner, St Editha's

I run 1st Tamworth Guides and have been guiding for almost 8 years. In this time I have learnt a lot, gained more confidence and now I am trying to push myself even further,  having recently taking on district commissioner and mentor roles.  I enjoy the activities and events and being outside as much as possible.

Sarah James

Communications and PR adviser

I love that I am able to challenge myself throughout my Girlguiding journey as a volunteer, with my most recent challenge being starting my Queen’s Guide Award.

As a young member, I was a brownie and a guide before becoming a young leader, then an adult leader in a brownie unit before recently taking over my own brownie unit.

I enjoy watching the girls developing throughout their time in my unit and providing them with many different opportunities – from weekly meetings and day trips to overnight adventures.

Lisa Hames

Rainbow Adviser

I love volunteering at rainbows where their Girlguiding journey begins. We have lots of exciting times and new experiences, make lifetime friendships and enjoy many adventures along the way. Rainbows are playful and carefree. I was a brownie and guide many years ago and I’ve been volunteering for over 14 years.

Marie Hames

Division Residential Adviser

I’ve been guiding for over 17 years, I love adventures.  We have held sleepovers in different places from Tamworth Castle, Statfold Barn, The Big Playbarn, Conkers, Blackpool Circus to the ocean tunnel in the National Sealife Centre.  The girls get so excited to be able to sleep in different places.  We do unit pack holidays & adventurous holidays at Kingswood. I’m always looking for new different places.

Andy Longhurst

IT Administrator

In my role as an adviser to Girlguiding Tamworth, I utilise my IT expertise to provide valuable information and guidance to other guiding members. I facilitate learning and ensure that members are well-versed in the latest IT trends and best practices.

Clare Cuff & Sharon Ward

Guide Advisers

Sharon and Clare share this role and have 25 years experience between them.  “We love to see the guides making memories and developing into young women.  Guides brings adventurous activities, camps, international opportunities and lots more. We are always looking out for new adventures. It’s great to be part of Girlguiding.”