If you are aged between fourteen and eighteen then Rangers is one of the options for you.  We are very fortunate to have a thriving Ranger Unit in the Tamworth area.  As a Ranger you will take an active role in choosing and planning your programme. Your Leaders will be there to facilitate this and to offer practical advice. We meet fortnightly to fit in with your other demands of school, exams, jobs.

Girlguiding, at all levels, is very active in Tamworth and we can provide you with endless opportunities to have fun, make new friends, challenge yourself, learn new skills and make memories to last a lifetime.

As a Ranger you could also be a Young Leader, going into Rainbow, Brownie or Guide Units and supporting the Leadership teams there.

Rangers can also apply for International trips and, if selected you could find yourself representing Staffordshire or Midlands Region as you jet off to destinations such as Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Iceland.

We do have a fun programme to complete but we do lots of other exciting things too, both within the unit meeting place and out and about. We go on day trips to places such as Harry Potter World, Monkey Forest, Escape rooms or the Space Centre. We have sleepovers and go on camps; you can work on gaining your own permits to take a group of fellow Rangers camping without your Leaders.

There’s also the Peer Education programme where you will receive training to enable you to lead sessions to support members of other sections on topics that are important to them – such as bully, building self-confidence.

The Guiding programme offers you a vast range of activities to do and lots of opportunities for you to challenge yourself, trying things that are completely new. Independence and leadership are encouraged and supported throughout.

There really is something for every girl.

Within our exciting programme there are plenty of ways to earn badges which are based on the six themes that are consistent across each of our different sections:

  • Know Myself
  • Express Myself
  • Be Well
  • Have Adventures
  • Take Action
  • Skills For My Future

You will plan and carry out activities by making your own choices from a variety of Skills Builders and Unit Meeting Activities. You can give the range of Interest Badges a go, showing the rest of your Unit what you have done to achieve the challenges set.

All our members are invited to make their promise and Rangers are encouraged to think about what it means to them before they do so. You will be awarded a special badge to help remember this special occasion.

Your promise is:

“I promise that I will do my best, to be true to myself and develop my beliefs, to serve the King and my community, to help other people and to keep the Guide Law.”

The Guide Law is:

  1. A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted.
  2. A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely.
  3. A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences.
  4. A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides.
  5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
  6. A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her.

The Guides Programme

If you would like to take a look in greater detail or if you would like your daughter to become a Guide use the links bellow.